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Name Shoaib

Name Shoaib`s page # 30345. Gender male

Name Shoaib backwards (ananym): Biaohs

Meaning of the name Shoaib

Arabic name (شعيب) which actually means - "who shows the right path"

Shuayb, or Shoaib was one of 28 prophet of Allah mentioned in the Qur'an (Adem (Adam), Idris (Enoch), Nuh (Noah), Hud (Eber), Saleh (Methuselah), Ibrahim (Abraham), Lut (Lot), Ismail (Ishmael), Ishaq (Isaac), Yaqub (Jacob), Yusuf (Joseph), Ayub (Job), Harun (Aaron), Musa (Moses), Dawud (David), Sulayman (Solomon), Ilyas (Elijah), Elyasa (Elisha), Yunus (Jonah), Dhulkifl (Ezekiel), Zakaria (Zachariah), Yahya (John), Isa (Jesus), Uzair (Ezra), Luqman, Zulqarnain (Iskander), Muhammad.), sometimes identified with the Biblical Jethro. He is mentioned in the Qur'an a total of 11 times. He is believed to have lived after Abraham, and Muslims believe that he was sent as a prophet to two communities, namely the Midianites and the People of the Wood. To both the people, Shoaib proclaimed the faith of Islam and warned the people to end their fraudulent ways. When they did not repent, God destroyed both the communities. Shoaib is understood by Muslims to have been one of the few Arabian prophets mentioned by name in the Qur'an, the others being Saleh, Hud, Ishmael and Muhammad. It is said that he was known by early Muslims as "the eloquent preacher amongst the prophets", because he was, according to Islamic tradition, granted talent and eloquence in his language.

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