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Given Name Muhammad

Gender of the name Muhammad: male male

Unique code of the name Muhammad: 895

First name Muhammad backwards (ananym): Dammahum

Semantics or origin of the name Muhammad

The most popular Arabic given name (مُحَمَّد‎‎) meaning - "the Praiseworthy; Renowned; Praised; Laudable". Derived from the Arabic word (مَدْح) [madaha] etymology (definition) - "praise, praising, extolling; compliment; glorification".

Muhammad - one of the 28 prophet of Allah mentioned in the Qur'an: Adem (Adam), Idris (Enoch), Nuh (Noah), Hud (Eber), Saleh (Methuselah), Ibrahim (Abraham), Lut (Lot), Ismail (Ishmael), Ishaq (Isaac), Yaqub (Jacob), Yusuf (Joseph), Ayub (Job), Shoaib (Jethro), Harun (Aaron), Musa (Moses), Dawud (David), Sulayman (Solomon), Ilyas (Elijah), Elyasa (Elisha), Yunus (Jonah), Dhulkifl (Ezekiel), Zakaria (Zachariah), Yahya (John), Isa (Jesus), Uzair (Ezra), Luqman, Zulqarnain (Iskander).

Muhammad (Muhammed, Mohammed, Magomed, Magomet) is the central prophet of the Islamic faith. Born into a noble Quraish (Quraysh) clan, he was orphaned at an early age. He grew up to be a successful merchant, then turned contemplative; it's said that beginning when he was 40, Muhammad was commanded by Allah (God) to recite the words that would later become Islam's holy book, the Qur'an (or Quran). As the revelations continued, Muhammad preached publicly of the duty to submit to the one true god, gaining followers and earning the enmity of the polytheistic authorities. To escape persecution, Muhammad was forced to flee in 622 to Yathrib (later called Medina). His poetic recitations and pleas for social justice continued to win converts, and Muhammad was repeatedly called into battle in his efforts to unite Arabia behind the faith known as Islam (meaning - "submission"). After finally conquering Mecca in 630, Muhammad returned to Medina, where he died in 632.


According to traditional Muslim biographers, Muhammad was born c. 570 C.E. in Mecca (Makkah) and died June 8, 632 in Medina (Madinah). Both Mecca and Medina are cities in the Hejaz region of present day Saudi Arabia. He was a merchant in Mecca when, in 610 C.E. at about the age of 40, while meditating in a cave, Muhammad experienced a vision from the angel Gabriel, who commanded him to memorize and recite the verses subsequently collected as the Qur'an. Gabriel told him that God (Allah in Arabic) had chosen him as the last of the prophets to mankind. He began publicly preaching a strict monotheism and predicting a Qiyamah (Day of Judgement) for sinners and idol worshippers, such as his tribe and neighbors in Mecca. For this was persecuted and ostracized by the Meccan establishment, who depended on income from pilgrims to its polytheistic shrine, the Kaaba. In 622 Muhammad accepted an invitation from believers in the city of Yathrib, where he became the leader of the first avowedly Muslim community. This journey is known as the Hijra, or migration; the event marked the beginning of the Islamic calendar. War between Mecca and Medina followed, in which Muhammad and his followers were eventually victorious. The military organization honed in this struggle was then set to conquering the other pagan tribes of Arabia. By the time of Muhammad's death, he had unified Arabia and launched a few expeditions to the north, towards Syria and Palestine.

Muhammad had eleven wives: Khadija, Sawda, Aisha, Hafsa, Zaynab (bint Khuzayma), Hind (Umm), Zaynab (bint Jahsh), Juwayriyya, Safiyya, Ramla, Maymuna.


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Comments (1)

Ahmad | 08.10.16 - 01:26
Muhammad is not derived from the Arabic word (مدح) it's from (حمد) which means "good" so Muhammad means "being good".
So someone being good implies that he is praised and Praiseworthy but this is an implication of the meaning not the abstract meaning.
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