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Name Joseph

Joseph`s page #1216 Gender male

Name Joseph backwards (ananym): Hpesoj

Meaning of the name Joseph

Hugely popular name, derived from Hebrew (יוסף) means - "God (Jehovah) will add/increase; was added". Arabic form - Yusuf.

Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph (Joseph of the House of David/Joseph the Betrothed/Joseph of Nazareth, or Joseph the Worker) is known from the New Testament as the husband of Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus. Although according to Christian tradition he was not the biological father of Jesus, he acted as his foster-father] and as head of the Holy Family, and Jesus "during His public life, was referred to as the son of Joseph." Joseph is venerated as a Saint within the Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Lutheran, and Anglican Churches.
The genealogy in the Gospel of Matthew says that Joseph's father was called Jacob, but according to the genealogy in the Gospel of Luke, Joseph was a son of Heli. The canonical Gospels, however, give neither date and place of Joseph's birth nor of his death. All that is known from them is that Joseph lived at times in Nazareth in Galilee, before Jesus' birth on return from exile in Egypt after Herod's death, after the Passover visit to Jerusalem when Jesus was 12 years old, stayed for a couple of years in Bethlehem in Judea, and was forced into exile for a time in Egypt.

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