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Name`s rating: 4.43
Number of votes: 7
Popularity/views: 2883

Name David

Gender of the name David: male male

Unique code of the name David: 986

First name David backwards: Divad

Meaning and origin of the name David

Hugely popular English name, comes from Hebrew (דוד) meaning - "beloved; darling". Arabic form - Dawud.

David - ancient Israel's most important king, is told in the biblical books. The eighth and youngest son of Jesse of Bethlehem, David is appointed to be court musician and armor-bearer for Israel's first king, Saul. The boy kills a giant enemy soldier, Goliath, becomes intimate friends with Saul's son, Jonathan, and eventually succeeds Saul as king. Under David's rule, Israel's regions unite and win battles with surrounding enemies. Jerusalem comes to be known as the "City of David" and the center of government and worship. David's turbulent personal life includes adultery with a soldier's wife, Bathsheba, and the death of his own rebel son, Absalom. Before he dies he anoints another son, Solomon, the next king. David's lineage holds an honored place in two religions: Judaism, which awaits the coming of the "Messiah, son of David" and Christianity, whose scriptures trace Jesus's Davidic ancestry.



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