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Name Nadezhda

Unique code: 928. Gender: feminine feminine


Name Nadezhda backwards (ananym): Adhzedan

Meaning & origin of the name Nadezhda

Slavic (Russian: Надежда, Polish: Nadzieja, Czech: Nadeje) popular name, etymology (definition) - "hope, expectation, hopefulness, expectancy; trust-worthy".


These holy Martyrs (Vera, Nadezhda, Lyubov) dwelt in Italy in the reign of Hadrian (117-138). They came of a rich and devout family and their mother Sophia brought them up in the faith, hope and love of the names she had given them. Word of their admirable manner of life reached the Emperor who, hearing they were in Rome, sent soldiers to bring them before him. Considering their tender years, he was amazed at how steadfast in the faith Sophia’s daughters were, and thinking it was only by supporting one another that they were able to hold their own against him, he put them to the question separately.

Elpis (Nadezhda), who was ten years old, was brought in next. Confessing Christ as steadfastly as her sister, she was beaten and cast into a raging furnace, but its fire went out on touching her, in whom love of God burnt with a fiercer flame than material fire. After many other tortures, she too died by the sword, giving thanks to God.

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Guest | 29.06.12 - 14:33
nadin, nadia are very pleasant names, lovely i should say. These variant are more common
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