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Girl names

Kaaba (1196)
Mashkura (676)
Rayana (510)
Mujgan (467)
Huricihan (425)
Emily (395)
Ann (371)
Edda (337)
Ying (330)
Milagro (323)
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Addalyn (315)
Solomeya (307)
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Yennefer (300)
Emma (296)
Monica (291)
Lucia (287)
Aingealica (286)
Olven (284)
Sophia (274)
Lutfa (269)
Ava (263)
Olivia (253)
Gaelle (244)

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Caldor (5714)
Muhammad (461)
Malik (436)
James (415)
Raunaq (413)
Agha (356)
Shauk (337)
Ebe (330)
Aram (327)
Daksha (312)
Huskey (297)
Jesus (295)
Latif (292)
Arseny (291)
Wei (290)
Ivan (278)
John (277)
Meiram (270)
Nejat (269)
Yaromir (266)
Keiji (264)
Armik (260)
Modestas (254)
Michael (253)
Allah (249)
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Name Lyubov

Gender of the name Lyubov: feminine feminine
Unique code of the name Lyubov: 1267

Name Lyubov backwards (ananym): Vobuyl

Meaning & origin of the name Lyubov

East Slavic (Russian Любовь) popular name means - "love; affection".


These holy Martyrs (Vera, Nadezhda, Lubov) dwelt in Italy in the reign of Hadrian (117-138). They came of a rich and devout family and their mother Sophia brought them up in the faith, hope and love of the names she had given them. Word of their admirable manner of life reached the Emperor who, hearing they were in Rome, sent soldiers to bring them before him. Considering their tender years, he was amazed at how steadfast in the faith Sophia’s daughters were, and thinking it was only by supporting one another that they were able to hold their own against him, he put them to the question separately.

Agape (Lubov), the third of the sisters, was then summoned before the Emperor whom anger had maddened. She was only nine years old but of the same steadfast mind as her sisters. She was hung on a gallows and chained so tightly that her limbs were broken by the bonds. She was then thrown into a furnace, from which she was delivered by an angel, and finally, beheaded. Sophia rejoiced in spirit to see her daughters so gloriously making their way to the abodes of the righteous but, overwhelmed by earthly sorrow, she gave back her soul to God a few days later at their tomb. Their memories are celebrated on September 17.

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