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Name Ananias

Ananias`s page #23692 Gender male

Name Ananias backwards (ananym): Sainana

Meaning of the name Ananias

Greek name, comes from the (Ἁνανίας) form of the Hebrew name Hananiah - "God (Jehovah) is gracious (Hanan)"
St Apostle Ananias certainly was faced with great difficulty in understanding a command given to him by God. He was one of the 70 disciples sent out by Christ to spread His Gospel in the Eastern Christian tradition. Except the twelve apostles [Andrew brother of the Apostle Peter (the fisherman from Bethsaida, a disciple of John the Baptist), Peter (he is Simon son of John, also called Cephas), John the Evangelist, James son of Zebedee, Philip of Bethsaida, Bartholomew aka Nathaniel, Matthew the tax collector (also Levi Alpheus), Thomas, James the son, Thaddeus son of Alpheus (also known as Jacob or Judah Levi), Simon the Zealot (also Simon the Zealot) and Judas Iscariot (who betrayed Jesus)] Jesus Christ also chosen the others: Agabus, Aquila, Amplus, Andronicus, Apelles, Apollos, Aristarchus, Aristobulus, Artemas, Archippus, Asyncritus, Achaicus, Barnabas, Gaius, Euodias, Epaphras, Epaphroditus, Epenetus, Erastus, Hermas, Hermes, Zenas, James, Jason, Justus, Herodion, Carpus, Cleopas, Clement, Quadratus, Crescens, Crispus, Quartus, Linus, Lucius, Luke, Mark, John, Narcissus, Nicanor, Olympas, Onesimus, Onesiphorus, Parmenas, Patrobus, Prochorus, Pudens, Rufus, Silas, Silvan, Simeon, Sosipater, Sosthenes, Stachys, Stephen, Tertius, Timon, Timothy, Titus, Tychicus, Trophimus, Urban, Thaddeus, Philemon, Philip, Philologus, Fortunatus, Dionysus, Phlegon, Simeon Niger. The early Church suffered severe persecution soon after its inception, and one the greatest persecutors of the church was a man named Saul. His very name struck fear in the hearts of Christians. It was no wonder, then, that Ananias was taken aback when he heard the voice of God speaking these puzzling words: "Arise and go to the street called Straight and inquire at the house of Judas for the one called Saul of Tarsus, for behold he is praying." (Acts 9:11) When Ananias showed some hesitation in approaching this feared persecutor of the Church, the Lord assured him that this dreaded man was His "chosen vessel" who would take the Gospel out to the Gentiles.
Obediently, Ananias arose and did as he was told. He baptized the man who would later be known as the Apostle Paul, the greatest of all Christian missionaries! It was Ananias, together with other Christians in Damascus, who saved the life of the newly-baptized Paul.
As his enemies watched the gates of the city day and night to slay him, Paul was put in a basket and lowered over the city wall, thus escaping with his life. Refusing to offer sacrifices to idols would later result in martyrdom for Apostle Ananias.

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