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Name Andrew

Name Andrew`s page # 84. Gender male

Name Andrew backwards (ananym): Werdna

Meaning of the name Andrew

Hugely popular name, comes from the ancient Greek word (ἀνδρεῖος) [andreios] means - "man; male, masculine; brave" in the sense of - "manlike, manly, man of courage".

The name of one of the twelve apostles [Peter (he is Simon son of John, also called Cephas), John the Evangelist, James son of Zebedee, Philip of Bethsaida, Bartholomew aka Nathaniel, Matthew the tax collector (also Levi Alpheus), Thomas, James the son, Thaddeus son of Alpheus (also known as Jacob or Judah Levi), Simon the Zealot (also Simon the Zealot) and Judas Iscariot (who betrayed Jesus).]

Saint Andrew

Saint Andrew - is a Christian Apostle and the brother of Saint Peter. The New Testament records that Andrew was the brother of Simon Peter by which it is inferred that he was likewise a son of Jonah, or John.

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