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Name Lucius

Gender of the name Lucius: male male

Unique code of the name Lucius: 10683

First name Lucius backwards: Suicul

Semantics or origin of the name Lucius

Latin name, comes from the Latin word (lux) meaning - "light".
St. Lucius was born in Rome at an unknown date; nothing is known about his family except his father's name, Porphyrianus. He was elected probably on June 25, 253, and died on March 5, 254. His election took place during the persecution which caused the banishment of his predecessor Pope Cornelius, and he also was banished soon after his consecration, but succeeded in gaining permission to return.
He is praised in several letters of St. Cyprian for condemning the Novationists for their refusal to readmit to communion Christians who repented for having lapsed under persecution.
His feast day is March 5, on which date he is commemorated in the Roman Martyrology in the following terms: "In the cemetery of Callistus on the Via Appia, Rome, burial of Saint Lucius, Pope, successor of Saint Cornelius. For his faith in Christ he suffered exile and acted as an outstanding confessor of the faith, with moderation and prudence, in the difficult times that were his."

The name from the list of seventy disciples of Christ in the Eastern Christian tradition. Except the twelve apostles [Andrew brother of the Apostle Peter (the fisherman from Bethsaida, a disciple of John the Baptist), Peter (he is Simon son of John, also called Cephas), John the Evangelist, James son of Zebedee, Philip of Bethsaida, Bartholomew aka Nathaniel, Matthew the tax collector (also Levi Alpheus), Thomas, James the son, Thaddeus son of Alpheus (also known as Jacob or Judah Levi), Simon the Zealot (also Simon the Zealot) and Judas Iscariot (who betrayed Jesus)] Jesus Christ also chosen seventy others: Agabus, Aquila, Amplus, Ananias, Andronicus, Apelles, Apollos, Aristarchus, Aristobulus, Artemas, Archippus, Asyncritus, Achaicus, Barnabas, Gaius, Euodias, Epaphras, Epaphroditus, Epenetus, Erastus, Hermas, Hermes, Zenas, James, Jason, Justus, Herodion, Carpus, Cleopas, Clement, Quadratus, Crescens, Crispus, Quartus, Linus, Luke, Mark, John, Narcissus, Nicanor, Olympas, Onesimus, Onesiphorus, Parmenas, Patrobus, Prochorus, Pudens, Rufus, Silas, Silvan, Simeon, Sosipater, Sosthenes, Stachys, Stephen, Tertius, Timon, Timothy, Titus, Tychicus, Trophimus, Urban, Thaddeus, Philemon, Philip, Philologus, Fortunatus, Dionysus, Phlegon, Simeon Niger.


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