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Name Peter

Meaning and Origin of the name Peter

Gender of the name Peter: male male


Unique code of the name Peter: 751

First name Peter backwards: Retep

Ancient Greek name (Πέτρος) [Petros] "stone". The name of one of the twelve apostles [the other apostles too: Andrew brother of the Apostle Peter (the fisherman from Bethsaida, a disciple of John the Baptist), John the Evangelist, James son of Zebedee, Philip of Bethsaida, Bartholomew aka Nathaniel, Matthew the tax collector (also Levi Alpheus), Thomas, James the son, Thaddeus son of Alpheus (also known as Jacob or Judah Levi), Simon the Zealot (also Simon the Zealot) and Judas Iscariot (who betrayed Jesus)].

Saint Peter

Saint Peter (or Simon son of John, also called Cephas) was a leader of the early Christian Church, who is featured prominently in the New Testament Gospels. Peter was the son of John or of Jonah, and was from the village of Bethsaida in the province of Galilee. His brother Andrew was also an apostle. Simon Peter is venerated in multiple churches and regarded as the first Pope by the Roman Catholic Church.
According to New Testament accounts, he was one of Twelve Apostles, chosen by Jesus from his first disciples. He was a fisherman assigned a leadership role by Jesus and was with Jesus during events witnessed by only a few apostles, such as the Transfiguration.


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