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Name Iblis

Gender of the name Iblis: male male

Unique code of the name Iblis: 6699

Name Iblis backwards (ananym): Silbi

Meaning & origin of the name Iblis

Arabic name (إبليس) means - "the one that causes despair; satan, devil; prince of darkness". Muslim form of the Latin name Lucifer.

Iblis (Shaitan, Aduw) - in Islam Iblis is a the head of the other evil spirits. According to the Qur'an, Iblis was originally an angel, but refused bow to Adam saying: "I am - better than he: I am from fire, and him created from clay." As a result, Allah has cursed him for his disobedience to His will and identified him a place in hell.

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Comments (1)

Guest | 23.04.20 - 11:02
Peace be unto you. Actually according to the consensus of Scholars, Iblis ( Shaitan, Lucifer ) is the Leader of the Jinn, and is in fact a Jinn not an Angel. According to Islamic belief Angels are created to rigidly follow every single command of Allah SWT without fail. Angels are made of pure Light,while Jinn are made of pure smokeless fire. Angels Nature is to obey Allah and worship Allah at ALL TIMES, and Jinn are created like mankind with a FREEWILL but are unseen unless of course they take form. There are evil Jinn but there are also good Jinn according to Islamic beliefs and sources
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