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Name Susanna

Gender of the name Susanna: feminine feminine

Unique code of the name Susanna: 239

First name Susanna backwards: Annasus

Meaning and origin of the name Susanna

The name comes from the Hebrew word (סוזנה) [Shoshannah] - "Madonna lily; white lily".

St. Susanna

St. Susanna was born near the end of the third century in the Roman province of Dalmatia, which was in the area of modern day Yugoslavia. Her family later moved to Rome. Her mother died when Susanna was small, and her father then became a priest. Her father's brother, Caius, was named Pope in 283 A. D. Two other brothers, Claudis and Maximus, were pagans and in the army of Emperor Diocletian, their cousin, who led the final Roman persecution of the Church.


Susanna - Jewish character of the episode of Babylon`s Septuagint, followed by two elders (judge) spied in the garden during her walks, and then threatening to accuse her of adultery with a stranger tried to get from her coitus. Susanna refused to satisfy the desire of the elders, they were falsely accused and sentenced to death her for this, but at the last minute saved by the prophet Daniel, who questioned the elders separately, are found false witnesses. The alders had been convicted of lying and executed.


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