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Name Vitalis

Unique code: 15581. Gender: male male


Name Vitalis backwards (ananym): Silativ

Meaning & origin of the name Vitalis

Latin popular name means - "lively; vital, alive, lifelong, life (Vita) giving; able to survive".

Saint Vitalis of Milan

Saint Vitalis of Milan, known as San Vitale in Italian and Saint Vital in French, was an early Christian martyr.
Vitalis was a wealthy citizen of Milan, perhaps a soldier. He was married to Saint Valeria, and they were the parents of the perhaps legendary Saints Gervasius and Protasius. According to legend, when he encouraged Saint Ursicinus of Ravenna to be steadfast at his execution, Vitalis was discovered to be a Christian. A judge named Paulinus ordered Vitalis to be racked and then buried alive in a pit with stones on his head.

St was Vitalis one of the 48 Martyrs of Lyons (177 AD). Also with him martyred at this time were: Blandina, Photinus, Zacharias, Epagatus, Macarius, Alcibiades, Silvius, Primus, Ulpius, Cominus, October, Philuminus, Geminus, Iulia, Albina, Grata, Rogata, Oemilia, Potamia, Pompeia, Rhodana, Biblis, Quartia, Materna, Helpes, Sanctus, Maturus, Attalus, Alexander, Ponticus, Arisceus, Cornelius, Iosinus, Titus, Ivlius, Zoticus, Apollonius, Geminianus, Ivlia, Auzonia, Cemlia, Jamnica, Domna, Iusta, Trophima and Antonia.

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