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Name Macarius

Unique code of the name Macarius: 10424 male

Name Macarius backwards (ananym): Suiracam

Meaning & origin of the name Macarius

Latin name, derived from the ancient Greek name (Μακάριος) [Makarios] - "blissful, blessed"


St. Macarius of Alexandria was born in the year 295 in Alexandria. He was a merchant until the age of 40, when he received Holy Baptism and went off into the desert. After several years of ascetic life he was ordained a presbyter and appointed prior of a monastery known as the “Kellii,” or “cells” in the Egyptian desert, between the Nitria mountain and a skete in which monastic hermits lived in silence, each in his own cell. He was the truest friend of Venerable Macarius of Egypt (+ ca. 390-394), and together with him was exiled from his homeland during the reign of Valens. The two Macariuses were very much alike in character and manner of life, and shared a single instructor and director - Venerable St. Anthony the Great (+ 356), who repeatedly instructed them in how to perfect themselves by living a virtuous life.
St. Macarius gained renown for a multitude of miraculous healings of the sick, and healings of those possessed by demons.

St Macarius was one of the 48 Martyrs of Lyons (177 AD). Also with him martyred at this time were: Blandina, Photinus, Zacharias, Epagatus, Alcibiades, Silvius, Primus, Ulpius, Vitalis, Cominus, October, Philuminus, Geminus, Iulia, Albina, Grata, Rogata, Oemilia, Potamia, Pompeia, Rhodana, Biblis, Quartia, Materna, Helpes, Sanctus, Maturus, Attalus, Alexander, Ponticus, Arisceus, Cornelius, Iosinus, Titus, Ivlius, Zoticus, Apollonius, Geminianus, Ivlia, Auzonia, Cemlia, Jamnica, Domna, Iusta, Trophima and Antonia.

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