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Name Sabina

Name Sabina`s page # 12. Gender feminine

Name Sabina backwards (ananym): Anibas

Meaning of the name Sabina

There are multiple origins and translations for the name Sabina:

1. Derived from the Arabic name Sabiah means - "girl, lady, lass, maid".

2. Latin name interpretation - "baptized; of beautiful people; of the Sabini tribe". The female equivalent of the male name Sabin.

Sabini were the ancient people of central Italy. The Romans constantly had been fight with them. Roman commander Sulla in 82 BC destroy this people, and beautiful Sabine Women Romans were took as wives and concubines.

Saint Sabina

Saint Sabina, matron and martyr from Rome. The widow of Senator Valentinus (not to be confused with the Gnostic Valentinus) and daughter of Herod Metallarius. After her female slave Saint Serapia (who had converted her) was denounced as a witch and beheaded, Sabina rescued her slave's remains and had them interred in the family mausoleum where she also expected to be buried. Denounced as a criminal, Sabina was condemned for her act of charity to her slave. She was accused of being a Christian by Elpidio the Perfect. She was there upon martyred. It was the year 125 AD in the city of Vindena in the state of Umbria, Italy.
In 430 her relics were brought to the Aventine Hill, to a specially-built basilica on the site of her house, originally situated near a temple of Juno. This house may also have formed an early Christian titular house church. She was later declared a canonized Christian Saint. The church was initially dedicated to both Sabina and Serapia, though the dedication was later limited to Sabina only (as it still is, as Santa Sabina). Saint Sabina's feast day is celebrated on August 29.

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