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Name Khan

Khan`s page #7698 Gender male

Name Khan backwards (ananym): Nahk

Meaning of the name Khan

Turkic popular name-forming derived from Mongolian (хаан ᠬᠠᠭᠠᠨ) [Khaan] in a figurative sense - "king, leader, ruler, lord".

Khan - a title for a ruler in Turkic and Mongolian languages, widely used by medieval nomadic Turko-Mongol tribes living to the north of China. 'Khan' is also seen as a title in the Xianbei confederation for their chief between 283 and 289. The Mongolian people Niruns were the first people who used the titles Khagan and Khan for their emperors, replacing the Chanyu of the Xiongnu, whom Grousset and others assume to be Turkic. It was subsequently adopted by the Ashina (noble family rulers of Turkic khanates) before the Göktürks (hence the Turkic peoples) and the Mongols brought it to the rest of Asia. In the middle of the sixth century it was known as "kagan - king of the Turks" to the Persians.

Presently Khans exist in South Asia, Central Asia, Eastern Europe and Turkey. The female alternatives are Khatun and Khanum, These titles or names are sometimes written as Han, Kan, Hakan, Hanum, or Hatun (in Turkey). Various Mongolic and Turkic peoples from Central Asia had given the title new prominence after the Mongol rule throughout the Old World and later brought the title "khan" into Northern Asia. which later was adopted by locals in the country as a title. Khagan is rendered as khan of khans and was the title of Genghis Khan and the persons who are elected to rule the Mongol Empire. For instance Möngke Khan and Ogedei Khan will be "Khagans" but not Chagatai Khan who was not proclaimed ruler of the Mongol Empire by the kurultai.

May also refer to Khan (feminine name girl name).

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