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Kaaba (1699)
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Name Venus

Name Venus`s code 6333. Gender feminine

Name Venus backwards (ananym): Sunev

Meaning of the name Venus

There are multiple origins and translations for the name Venus:

1. Latin name means - "loveliness; beauty; charm; passion; sexual desire; attractiveness" or derived from connections to (venerari) - "to honour, to try to please" + (venia) - "grace, favour" or of venero - "decorated; adored, revered;

2. Comes from the Sanskrit word (वनस्) [Vanas] means - "loveliness; lust; desire; wood"
Venus name might embody the function of honors and gifts to the divine when seeking their favours: such acts can be interpreted as the enticement, seduction or charm of gods by mortals. The ambivalence of this function is suggested in the etymological relationship of the root venes- with Latin venenum ("poison, venom, drug"), in the sense of "a charm, magic philtre".
Venus was a Roman goddess principally associated with love, beauty and fertility, who played a key role in many Roman religious festivals and myths. From the third century BC, the increasing Hellenization of Roman upper classes identified her as the equivalent of the Greek goddess Aphrodite.

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