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Name Lesha

Lesha`s page #60323 Gender male

Name Lesha backwards (ananym): Ahsel

Meaning of the name Lesha

East Slavic (Russian Леша) diminutive of Alexey - "defender, protector". See Lyesha.

May also refer to Lesha (feminine name).

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Comments (2)

Nikki Kapse | 21.04.23 - 05:11
Hey guys… it’s me again I’ve kind of gone through a rough patch with Lesha but… I think that maybe I still like him… but I don’t want to but his accent, his facial expressions, hair, eyes, nose , mouth, and the way he is just SO sweet I just love him!!!!

But Lesha also has many other lovers… and it hurts my heart. First off we have Dmitry the one that I think he is very compatible with (unincluding me) when leech first came to school he barely had any friends. I had fallen for him the first day he had come to school he had tan skin and dark brown eyes and lightish brown hair I loved his facial expressions and the way he would snap his tounge every 5 seconds and scrunch his nose when he was stressed. The first time I saw him was when I was walking down the hallway and he was walking the other direction of me and I just I don’t know I just automatically started liking him then during enrichment that day his locker was near mr Walden’s so he was asking mr Walden for help and a lot of people were going to help him and I should’ve offered but I had gone to the bathroom but I deeply regret it. Then I follow him around like CRAZY It might seem weird but it is not I just like to know where he is going… anyways see you on the checkup for next month??!?!??!!!!!
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Guest | 23.03.23 - 02:17
Hey, I love someone named Lesha and it's a very important name for me!!!!
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