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Name Barno

Barno`s page #34551 Gender feminine

Name Barno backwards (ananym): Onrab

Meaning of the name Barno

Tajik (Барно) and Uzbek (Turkic) highly popular name, which was derived from the Persian word (برنا) [barna] denotation - "young; slim; beautiful".

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Comments (1)

Guest | 24.08.23 - 23:06
Hello, my name is Adam Barno, I was born in a small village in northern Iraq, called Alqosh !
It is extremely holy land 30 minutes south of Kurdistan, where Kurdistan is in the mountains, and Alkosh is at the bottom of the mountain more desert yet our holy people, eastern Wright, Catholics, the Chaldeans have been living there for thousands of years there is also a rifle in Iraq named after our last name the BARNO rifle
According to some theologian friends, that I have especially one by the name of Richard Salbato , who has written religious books, claims that him and other theologians agree when there are no more Chaldeans, the world will end you can look us up in the first chapter of genesis the Chaldeans 900 years ago Iraq was called Caldonia in the Babylonian times the reason Saddam, or anybody before, or after him regardless of the situation of war, has never been able to infiltrate our village of 10,000 people is because there are many holy saints, and great people who were holier than Holy came from that land and died in that land. Even many Jewish prophets were buried in that land because of its holiness and the miracles that were to happen there one time they tried to send 5000 troops to invade our small village and just as they got to our border a horse, and an angel came down from heaven, and scared them off, and that’s been more than once. I believe we have military in the US that could confirm the greatness of the small holy land, just as Bethlehem was so special to Jesus, as was Nazareth, so is alqosh, while Iraq was at war with America, many Muslim women would go to our church and pray to Mary, because even the Muslims believe that Mary was a great saint, a great human being the mother of Jesus Christ of Nazareth I believe we need to travel there and ask for God’s mercy on the world because we are in a bad stage in life and it is written that one man is eating man. The end is near, and the worst part is when man is eating children please pray for all the souls who are being sold an eaten and sold for their body parts and their adrenaline pray for them, pray for the people who are doing these actions that their souls may be held in their hearts filled with fire of compassion , the reason there is fire in the heart is because that is gods doing where he has sparked our heart with a small flame and it’s up to us to grow that flame with love and compassion for others. Do not be afraid to let it all go May the last name of our family BARNO be in your prayers, and I promise you there will be many miracles to come your way. Just pray BARNO, and you will see the truth one of the other great stories as one of the most holy priest to ever come from our village used to be able to speak to Spirits and Spirits would inform him on what’s going on in the world and even in our village he would know just as Padre Pio know what your confession would be because he was informed by the spirits as it was Padre Pio
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