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Name Vadim

Gender of the name Vadim: male male

Unique code of the name Vadim: 236

First name Vadim backwards: Midav

Semantics or origin of the name Vadim

Slavic name (Russian Вадим), comes from the Slavic word вадить [vadit`] - "to argue; to tame", meaning - "disputant, contradictor"

St Vadim

St Vadim was born to a prominent family in the Persian town of Bithlapet. Having distributed his riches, he built in the suburbs of the town a monastery which he dedicated to the archimandrite. In order to focus his thoughts on God and for more concentrated prayer, he sometimes departed to a neighboring desert mountain, and here he was once found worthy to have a vision of God.
During the reign of king Shapur I (376 A. D.) St. Vadim and his disciples were incarcerated. For four months they were oppressed and tortured so that they would renounce their faith in Christ. But the holy witnesses valorously endured all. They were joined in jail by a certain Nirsan, a Christian commander of the town of Aria. Fearing torture, Nirsan renounced Christ and promised the king to accomplish all his bidding. king Shapur ordered Nirsan to kill the archimandrite Vadim. With trembling hands Nirsan began to strike St. Vadim and only after many blows was he able to sever his head. Later on his disciples were also executed and became martyrs.
Shortly thereafter, not being able to cope with the torments of his conscience, Nirsan committed suicide.


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