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Number of votes: 3
Name popularity: 1666

Name Anahit

Gender of the name Anahit: feminine feminine


Unique code of the name Anahit: 2285

First name Anahit backwards (ananym): Tihana

Meaning & origin of the name Anahit

There are multiple origins and meanings for the name:

1. Armenian (Անահիտ) from Persian (Farsi) (آناهیتا) meaning - "immaculate"

2. Comes from the ancient Greek word (ἀναιδής) [anaidís] - "cheeky; cocky; impudence"

3. Form of the given name Ann/Hannah - "pleasure, enjoyment; boon"

Anahit - the daughter or wife of Aramazd. Anahit was the most loved and honored Armenian goddess. She was mother-goddess. Anahit was sculptured with the child on her hands` with specific hair style of Armenians mothers or women and was called "Great Lady Anahit". Ancient Armenians believed that Armenian world was existing by Anahit's will. Anahit was the cult of maternity and fertility. Anahit-worships were established in Eriza avan (region) and in Armavir, Artashat and Ashtishat cities. A mountain in Sophene district was known as Anahit's throne (Athor Anahta). In Hellenistic era Anahit was identified with Greek Artemis.


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