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Name Euphrosyne

Name Euphrosyne`s page # 21856. Gender feminine

Name Euphrosyne backwards (ananym): Enysorhpue

Meaning of the name Euphrosyne

Ancient Greek name (Εὐφροσύνη) means - "delight, joy, fun".

Euphrosyne - was one of the Charites, known in English also as the "Three Graces". She is also the Goddess of Joy, a daughter of Zeus and Eurynome, and the incarnation of grace and beauty. Also known as the goddess of Mirth. The other two Charites are Thalia (Good Cheer) and Aglaea (Beauty or Splendor).
According to Greek mythology, the Charites were daughters of Zeus and the Oceanid Eurynome. According to the Greek poet Pindar, these goddesses were created to fill the world with pleasant moments and good will.
Usually the Graces attended the goddess of beauty Aphrodite and her companion Eros and loved dancing around in a circle to Apollo's divine music, together with the Nymphs and the Muses.
The asteroid 31 Euphrosyne is named after the goddess. In Modern Greek, the name is usually transcribed as Effrosini.

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