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Feminine Names

Emily (1988)
Veronica (1730)
Elizabeth (1599)
Sophia (1152)
Mia (1070)
Anastasia (1068)
Mary (996)
Bazla (950)
Ann (775)
Olivia (753)

Masculine Names

Actan (2146)
Raymond (1147)
Jacob (1147)
Alexander (1135)
Mason (954)
John (887)
Michael (839)
Sergey (735)
Aiden (711)
Liam (696)

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Did you know?

* Emmanuel is the second name of Jesus
* Almost all names of Christian nations have religious origins
* The most popular names in the world except in China; Muhammad and Ann
* The most popular name in the world is Wei (male)  and Ying (feminine)
* The Bible mentions ~ 2800 names
* In Muslim and Hebrew families only father has the right to decide the name
* Allah has 99 names
* The most popular names in Islamic countries is Muhammad and Ahmad
* Christians have Arabic Saints: Abu, Alim, Aris, Ahmed, Ismail, Maruf, Mina, Sira
* In the Qur'an, only 28 prophets are mentioned
* There are more male names than feminine names


Gender Name Views
Emily 1988
Veronica 1730
Sophia 1152
Raymond 1147
Jacob 1147
Alexander 1135
Mia 1070
Anastasia 1068
Mary 996
Mason 954

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