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Number of votes: 2
Popularity/views: 2434

Name Victoria

Gender of the name Victoria: feminine feminine

Unique code of the name Victoria: 832

First name Victoria backwards: Airotciv

Meaning and origin of the name Victoria

Hugely popular English name, versioned from the Latin meaning - "victory; victress", the female equivalent of the Latin male given name Victor.


St. Victoria and her sister, St. Anatolia, were devout Christian women who were determined to live as virgins dedicated to Christ. They lived in the third century during the time of Emperor Decius. Both of their marriages had been prearranged. They were to wed pagan Roman noblemen. They each refused. Anatolia's suitor, Titus Aurelius, tried to persuade her, but quickly gave up and denounced her as a Christian to the prefect who had her executed. Victoria's suitor, Eugenius, was more determined, but eventually also gave up and turned her over to the authorities as a Christian. It is said she was stabbed through the heart and her murderer was immediately struck with leprosy and died six days later eaten by worms. St. Victoria was martyred in the year 304 in Tribulana, Italy.


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