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Name Luna

Name Luna`s page # 6134. Gender feminine

Name Luna backwards (ananym): Anul

Meaning of the name Luna

There are multiple origins and translations for the name Luna:

1. Latin name means - "the Moon".

2. Alchemical name for silver.

In Roman mythology Luna is the divine embodiment of the Moon. She is often presented as the female complement of the Sun. Luna is not always a distinct goddess, but sometimes rather an epithet that specializes a goddess, since both Diana and Juno are identified as moon goddesses. Greek form - Selene.

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Comments (2)

Liziona | 06.11.21 - 02:48
Luna Valente (born Sol Benson) is the titular character of TV series "Soy Luna". She is portrayed by Karol Sevilla.
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Liziona | 06.11.21 - 02:45
The Roman Goddess Luna is also sometimes represented as an aspect of the Roman triple goddess (diva triformis), along with Proserpina and Hecate.
In Roman art, Luna's attributes are the crescent moon and the two-yoke chariot (biga). Monday (dies Lunae) is the day, when this goddess should be specially venerated.

Luna is the word meaning the Moon in some languages.

Lunafreya Nox Fleuret, also known as the Oracle, is the main heroine of the Japanese videogame named Final Fantasy XV.
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