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Name Abdul

Name Abdul`s page # 5217. Gender male

Name Abdul backwards (ananym): Ludba

Meaning of the name Abdul

Arabic name-giving component (عبد) which actually means - "servant of (Allah)". The name Abdul alone doesn't mean anything. Derivative forms: Abd/Abdi/Abdu/Abdel/Abdula/Abdullah

Usually the word features an additional word after it - for example:

AbdulAkhir عبدالآخر "Servant of the Last"
AbdulAdal عبدالعدل "Servant of the Just"
AbdulAdl عبدالعدل "Slave of the just"
AbdulAfuw عبدالعفو "Servant of the Forgiver"
AbdulAfuww عبدالعفو "Slave of the One who pardons - (The pardoner)"
AbdulAhad عبدالاحد "Servant of the only One (Allah)"
AbdulAleem عبدالعلیم "Servant of the All-knowing (Allah)"
AbdulAli عبدالعلی "Servant of the most High"
AbdulAwwal عبدالاول "Servant of the First"
AbdulAzim عبدالعظیم "Servant of the Mighty (Allah)"
AbdulAziz عبدالعزیز "Servant of the Almighty"
AbdulBaari عبدالباری "Servant of the Creator"
AbdulBadi عبدالبدیع "Servant of the Inventor"
AbdulBadee عبدالبدیع "Slave of the originator"
AbdulBaith عبدالباعث "Servant of the Resurrector"
AbdulBais عبدالباعث "Slave of the one who raises from death"
AbdulBaqi عبدالباقی "Servant of the Everlasting (Allah)"
AbdulBari عبدالباری "Slave of the Creator"
AbdulBarr عبدالبر "Servant of the All-benign"
AbdulBasir عبدالبصیر "Servant of All-sagacious (Allah)"
AbdulBaseer عبدالبصیر "Slave of the All-seeing"
AbdulBasit عبدالباسط "Servant of the Expander (Allah)"
AbdulBatin عبدالباطن "Servant of the Inward"
AbdulFattah عبدالفتاح "Servant of the conqueror (Allah)"
AbdulGhaffar عبدالغفار "Servant of the All-forgiving (Allah)"
AbdulGhafur عبدالغفور "Servant of the All-forgiving"
AbdulGhani عبدالغنی "Servant of the All-sufficient"
AbdulHafiz عبدالحافظ "Servant of the Guardian (Allah)"
AbdulHafeez عبدالحفیظ "Servant of the Guardian (Allah)"
AbdulHakam عبدالحکم "Servant of the Arbitrator"
AbdulHakeem عبدالحکیم "Servant of the All-wise (Allah)"
AbdulHakim عبدالحاکم "Servant of the Judge (Allah)"
AbdulHalim عبدالحلیم "Servant of the All-element (Allah)"
AbdulHameed عبدالحمید "Servant of the All-laudable (Allah)"
AbdulHannan عبدالحنان "Slave of the Merciful Forgiving"
AbdulHaq عبدالحق "Servant of the Truth (Allah)"
AbdulHaseeb عبدالحسیب "Servant of the Highborn"
AbdulHayy عبدالحی "Servant of the Living (Allah)"
AbdulJabbar عبدالجبار "Servant of the All-compeller/the Omnipotent (Allah)"
AbdulJalil عبدالجلیل "Servant of the Exalted (Allah)"
AbdulJami عبدالجامع "Servant of the Gatherer"
AbdulJamil عبدالجمیل "Servant of the Beautiful (Allah)"
AbdulJawwad عبدالجواد "Slave of the most Bountiful"
AbdulKabir عبدالکبیر "Servant of the Great"
AbdulKabeer عبدالکبیر "Slave of the Gracious. Abdul Karim al-Jazari was a narrator of hadith"
AbdulKafi عبدالکافی "Servant of the All-sufficient (Allah)"
AbdulKarim عبدالکریم "Servant of the most generous (Allah)"
AbdulKhafiz ابدالخافض "Servant of the Descender"
AbdulKhaliq عبدالخالق "Servant of the Creator (Allah)"
AbdulLateef عبدالطیف "Slave of the Gracious"
AbdulLatif عبدالطیف "Servant of the All-gentle (Allah)"
AbdulMaane عبدالمانع "Servant of the Withholder"
AbdulMajeed عبدالمجید "Servant of the All-glorious (Allah)"
AbdulMajid عبدالماجد "Servant of the All-glorious (Allah)"
AbdulMalek عبدالملک "Servant of the Sovereign"
AbdulMalik عبدالملک "Servant of the king (Allah)"
AbdulMani عبدالمانع "Slave of one who prevents"
AbdulMannan عبدالمنان "Slave of the Benefactor"
AbdulMatin عبدالمتین "Servant of the Strong (Allah)"
AbdulMoakhir عبدالمٶخر "Servant of the Retarder"
AbdulMoez عبدالمعز "Servant of the Honourer"
AbdulMuhsi عبدالمحصی "Servant of the Surrounder"
AbdulMomit عبدالممیت "Servant of the Death-giver"
AbdulMueed عبدالمعید "Slave of the Restorer, the Replroducer"
AbdulMughni عبدالمغنی "Servant of the Enricher"
AbdulMuhaimin عبدالمھیمن "Servant of the All-preserver (Allah)"
AbdulMuhsin عبدالمحسن "Slave of the Benefactor; Among the known people was ibn -Ghalbun Al-Suri"
AbdulMuhyi عبدالمحیی "Slave of the One Who gives life and sustains it"
AbdulMuid عبدالمعید "Servant of the Restorer (Allah)"
AbdulMuizz عبدالمعز "Slave of the Honourer, the Exalter"
AbdulMujib عبدالمجیب "Servant of the Answerer (Allah)"
AbdulMumin عبدالمٔومن "Servant of the All-faithful (Allah)"
AbdulMunim عبدالمنعم "Servant of the Benefactor (Allah)"
AbdulMuntaqim عبدالمنتقم "Slave of Him Who punishes wrongdoes and seizes retribution"
AbdulMuqaddim عبدالمقدم "Servant of the Promoter"
AbdulMuqit عبدالمقیت "Slave of the Sustainer"
AbdulMuqsit عبدالمقسط "Servant of the Equitable"
AbdulMuqtadir عبدالمقتدر "Servant of the Omnipotent (Allah)"
AbdulMusawwir عبدالمصور "Servant of the Fashioner (Allah)"
AbdulMutaali عبدالمتعالی "Servant of the most High (Allah)"
AbdulMuti عبدالمعطی "Servant of the Donor (Allah)"
AbdulMutalib عبدالمطلب "This was the name of the grand father of the Prophet PBUH"
AbdulNafi عبدالنافع "Slave of the Propitious"
AbdulQabid عبدالقابض "Servant of the Withholder"
AbdulQadeer عبدالقدیر "Servant of the Powerful (Allah)"
AbdulQadir عبدالقادر "Servant of the Powerful (Allah)"
AbdulQahhar عبدالقھار "Servant of the Subduer"
AbdulQahir عبدالقاھر "Servant of the Subduer (Allah)"
AbdulQawi عبدالقوی "Servant of the Mighty (Allah)"
AbdulQayyum عبدالقیوم "Servant of the Eternal (Allah)"
AbdulQuddus عبدالقدوس "Servant of the All-Holy (Allah)"
AbdulShakur عبدالشکور "Servant of the All-thankful (Allah)"
AbdulWajid عبدالواجد "Servant of the Finder"
AbdulWakil عبدالوکیل "Servant of the Implementor"
AbdulWali عبدالوالی "Servant of the Inheritor"
AbdulWasi عبدالواسع "Servant of the Vast"
AbdulWahhab عبدالوھاب "Servant of the All-give (Allah)"
AbdulWahid عبدالواحد "Servant of the One (Allah)"
AbdulWali عبدالولی "Servant of the Comrade"
AbdulWaris عبدالوارث "Servant of the Survivor"


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