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Number of votes: 3
Popularity/views: 2340

Name Patricia

Gender of the name Patricia: feminine feminine

Unique code of the name Patricia: 4610

First name Patricia backwards (ananym): Aicirtap

Semantics or origin of the name Patricia

Hugely popular English name, derived from the Latin word patricius etymology (definition) - "noble; aristocrat". Feminine form of the given name Patrick - "nobleman".

St. Patricia was a member of a noble family of Constantinople in the 7th century. After deciding to dedicate her life to God, she fled to escape an arranged marriage. St. Patricia wen on pilgrimage to Jerusalem and then to Rome, where she consecrated herself to God as a virgin. St. Patricia then returned to Constantinople and gave away all of her possessions. She is the patron Saint of Naples. Her feast day is August 25. Saint Patrick's Guild carries a wide variety of St. Patricia gifts. Our selection of patron Saint gifts includes statues, pocket tokens, jewelry and holy cards. These St. Patricia gifts make wonderful gifts for Confirmation candidates, or for someone who shares her name. St. Patrick's Guild is the perfect place to buy St. Patricia gifts for friends and family.


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Guest | 05.11.13 - 15:50
This is my second daughters name.
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