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Name Obadiah

Gender of the name Obadiah: male male

Unique code of the name Obadiah: 4536

First name Obadiah backwards: Haidabo

Meaning and origin of the name Obadiah

Hebrew given name (עובדיה) meaning - "servant of God; "servant of Elohim". Related to Abdeel, "servant of God", which is also cognate to the Arabic name Abdullah.

The Holy Prophet Obadiah (out of 12, IX century BC)
The Book of Obadiah contains an anti-Edomite oracle, as well as a Day of Judgment prophecy. When Jerusalem fell in 586 BCE, the Edomites not only exulted in the Judahites' humiliation but actively assisted their Babylonian foes by intercepting the refugees and occupying the Negev. For Edom's violence against Judah, the prophet prophesies that Edom is to be abandoned by its allies and that God will destroy its wise men and its warriors. Finally, verses 15 to 22 describe the imminent Day of the Lord, when the house of Jacob will acquire the possessions of Edom. Scholarly views on the composition of the book are characterized by two principal approaches: one maintains the essential integrity of the book, while the other regards it as two separate works.


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