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Name Alice

Gender of the name Alice: feminine feminine


Unique code of the name Alice: 421

First name Alice backwards: Ecila

Meaning and Origin of the name Alice

There are multiple origins and meanings for the name Alice:

1. Comes from the Latin word ales etymology - "winged, one who has wings; bird; angel"

2. The female equivalent of the Hebrew male name Elisha - "God (El) is salvation"

3. Comes from the ancient Greek word (ἀλήθεια) [alithea] meaning - "truth; trueness"

4. Feminine diminutive of Alexander, form of the personal name Alexandra - "she-protector of the mankind"

5. Form of Hebrew name Aliza - "joyful; merry; rejoicing"

This name became popular in France and England in the 12th century. It was borne by the heroine of Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland".

Alice in Wonderland

Saint Alice (Aleydis) (French: Sainte Alix) (1204-1250) is the Patron Saint of the Blind and Paralyzed.
Alice, after a "frivolous" childhood, founded the Order of Canonesses of Our Lady, with the future Saint, Pierre Fourier, for the instruction of poor children and young girls.
Alice was born at Schaerbeek, near Brussels. At age seven, she entered a Cistercian convent named Camera Sanctae Mariae, and she remained there for the rest of her life. The Cistercian community was inspired by her spirit of humility. However, at an early age, she contracted leprosy and had to be isolated. The disease caused Alice intense suffering, and eventually she became paralyzed and was afflicted with blindness. Alice's greatest consolation came from reception of the Holy Eucharist, although she was not allowed to drink from the cup because of the danger of contagion. However, the Lord appeared to her with assurance that He was in both the body and in the blood. Known for visions, she died in 1250. Devotion to her was approved in 1907 by Pope Pius X.


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