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Name Rhipsime

Gender of the name Rhipsime: feminine feminine

Unique code of the name Rhipsime: 29836

First name Rhipsime backwards (ananym): Emispihr

Semantics or origin of the name Rhipsime

Armenian (Հռիփսիմե) from ancient Greek (χρήσῐμος) [khrisimos] - "useful, usable, helpful; usable; authoritative, prestigious, competent".

Rhipsime (Hripsime, Ripsime, Ripsima or Arsema (died c. 290) was an Armenian virgin and martyr of Roman origin. She and her companions in martyrdom are venerated as the first Christian martyrs of Armenia.
According to legend, Rhipsime was possibly of noble birth. She belonged to a community of virgins, numbering 35 and under the leadership of Gayane, in Rome; she was known to be extremely beautiful, and attracted the notice of Diocletian. To avoid his advances she, along with her community, fled the city, going first to Alexandria before settling in Vagharshapat. The varying accounts of her martyrdom diverge at this point. One story indicates that Rhipsime again was noticed for her beauty, this time by king Tiridates III, who proceeded to pursue her. Upon being brought before him, she refused his advances and was punished by being roasted alive. Gaiane was then put to death by Armenian soldiers, as were all members of her community except for Saint Nune (or Marine), who was later a missionary in Georgia and is praised as the founders of the Georgian Orthodox Church being named as Saint Nino.


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