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Name Safiyya

Unique code: 27218. Gender: feminine feminine


Name Safiyya backwards (ananym): Ayyifas

Meaning & origin of the name Safiyya

There are multiple origins and meanings for the name Safiyya:

1. Arabic name (صاف) meaning - "pure, righteous, untroubled, serene, the most valuable portions of the spoils of battle, sincere and honest friend"

2. Arabic form of the personal name Sophia etymology (definition) - "wisdom, sapience; agility".

Safiyya bint Huyayy (c. 610 - c. 670) was one of the thirteen Prophet Muhammad`s wives: (Khadija, Sawda, Aisha, Hafsa, Zaynab (bint Khuzayma), Hind (Umm), Zaynab (bint Jahsh), Juwayriyya, Ramla, Maymuna, Mariyah, Rayhana).

According to Muhammad al-Bukhari, Muhammad stayed for three days between Khaybar and Medina, where he consummated his marriage to Safiyya. His companions wondered if she was to be considered a captive or a wife. The former speculated that they would consider Safiyya as Muhammad's wife, and thus "Mothers of the Believers", if Muhammad ordered her to veil herself, else she would be his slave-girl.
Some modern scholars opine that Muhammad chose to marry Safiyya, the only surviving member of Banu Nadir's ruling family, as part of reconciliation with the Jewish tribe.
Muhammad suggested that Safiyya convert to Islam, which she did, and thus she become Muhammad's wife. Safiyya did not bear any children to Muhammad.
Despite her conversion, Muhammad's other wives teased Safiyya of her Jewish origin. Doubts about Safiyya's loyalty to Islam and the suspicion that she would avenge her slain kin are themes in the Sirah Rasul Allah (biographies of Muhammad). In these stories, Muhammad or Umar express great disdelectation at such doubts and reaffirm her loyalty.

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