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Given Name Ogmios

Gender of the name Ogmios: male male

Unique code of the name Ogmios: 26963

First name Ogmios backwards (ananym): Soimgo

Semantics or origin of the name Ogmios

Ogmios (also known as Ogmius) was the Celtic deity of eloquence. He looked like an older version of Heracles. He was also a binding God who would use his powers of persuasion to bind men onto himself and then lead them into the underworld.

Ogmios was recorded by Lucian, a satirical writer in 2 A. D. Rome, as resembling an older, tanner version of Heracles, the Greek hero of strength. Ogmios and Heracles both wear lion skins and carry a bow and club in their hands. However Ogmios is depiected with long chains through his smiling mouth that pierce his tongue and attached to the ears of a group of men that willing and happily follow him. According to Celtic belief wisdom increases with age and dark skinned supernatural beings are often powerful. Since Ogmios has both features he too possesses great wisdom and great power. The most striking aspects of Ogmios' image are the thin, long chains running from his tongue to the ears of his followers. The chains, made of precious metals, represent Ogmios using his powers of persuasion and eloquence to bind his listeners to his every word. From the description it appears that Ogmios' followers willing follow him with cheerful faces and try to get as close to Ogmios as they can. This shows that he has the power to change and influence men’s minds so that they want to follow him to the ends of the earth.


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