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Number of votes: 6
Popularity/views: 2075

Name Marina

Gender of the name Marina: feminine feminine

Unique code of the name Marina: 208

First name Marina backwards: Aniram

Meaning and origin of the name Marina

Latin name, meaning - "seaborn; of the sea; nautical; maritime; pelagic". The female equivalent of the Latin name Marinus. The epithet of Venus (Venus Marina).

Martyr Marina was the daughter of Eugene a very rich Christian man a Bithynian. Her name was Mariam, and her mother died when she was a little girl. Her father raised her, and brought her up well. When he wanted to give her in marriage, and to go himself and become a monk in one of the monasteries, she told him, "O my Father, why would you save your own soul, and destroy mine?" He answered saying, "What shall I do with you? You are a woman." She told him, "I will take off my woman's dress and will put on the garb of a man." She rose up straightway, shaved off the hair on her head and put on the garb of a man. When her father saw her strong determination and persistent desire, he gave all his possessions to the poor, keeping only a very little for himself, and he called her Marina instead of Mariam (Mary).


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