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Name popularity: 2457

Name Stephanie

Gender of the name Stephanie: feminine feminine


Unique code of the name Stephanie: 2027

First name Stephanie backwards (ananym): Einahpets

Meaning & origin of the name Stephanie

Hugely popular English name, versioned from the ancient Greek name (Θτεφάνη) [thefani] etymology (definition) - "ring; rim; helmet; diadem, crown, tiara, corona; crowned (queen)", the female equivalent of the ancient Greek male name Stephen.

Saints Stephanie

Saints Stephanie and Victor lived in Gamponia in 160, during the reign of Antoninus Pius. Roman soldiers arrested Saint Victor as a Christian and cut off his fingers, put out his eyes, and beheaded him. As Saint Stephanie, the wife of a certain soldier, and a Christian, saw Victor's nobility in his sufferings, she loudly cried out to call him blessed and to say that she saw two crowns prepared, one for him, and one for herself. She also was taken, and was tied to two palm trees which had been bowed down; when they were released, she was torn asunder.


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