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Name popularity: 1857

Name El

Gender of the name El: male male


Unique code of the name El: 13638

First name El backwards (ananym): Le

Meaning & origin of the name El

There are multiple origins and meanings for the name El:

1. Hebrew name-giving component (אֵל‎) meaning - "God; Lord; deity; Yahweh"

2. Turkic name-giving - "people; native land"

3. Kazakh (әл) name-giving - "strength, power"

4. Tajik "tribe; gender; clan"

5. Shortened form for names starting with El

In the bible El appears very occasionally alone (e. g. Genesis 33:20, el elohe yisrael, "El the God of Israel", and Genesis 46:3, ha'el elohe abika, "El the God of your father"), but usually with some epithet or attribute attached (e. g. El Elyon, "Most High El", El Shaddai, "El of Shaddai", El `Olam "Everlasting El", El Hai, "Living El", El Ro'i "El my Shepherd", and El Gibbor "El of Strength"), in which cases it can be understood as the generic - "God". In theoretic names such as Gabriel ("Strength of God"), Michaell ("Who is like God?"), Raphael ("God's medicine"), Ariel ("God's lion"), Daniel ("God's Judgment"), Israel ("one who has struggled with God"), Emmanuel ("God is with us"), and Ishmael ("God Hears"/"God Listens") it usually interpreted and translated as "God", but it is not clear whether these "el"s refer to deity in general or to the God El in particular.

May also refer to El (feminine name).


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