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Name Christ

Name Christ`s page # 1296. Gender male

Name Christ backwards (ananym): Tsirhc

Meaning of the name Christ

There are multiple origins and translations for the name Christ:

1. The name is derived from the ancient Greek name Christos (Χρηστός) [Khrithtos] interpretation - "good, excellent; kind, benevolent; happy, favorable, successful; honest; obedient; well-ordered; useful; noble, famous; hefty".

The translation of the Hebrew word מָשִׁיחַ [Māšîaḥ], usually transliterated into English as Messiah. In the Septuagint version of the Hebrew Bible (written well over a century before the time of Jesus), the word Christ was used to translate into Greek the Hebrew word Māšîaḥ [Messiah]. In Matthew 16:16, Apostle Peter's profession: "You are the Christ" identifies Jesus as the Messiah. In post-Biblical usage Christ became a name, one part of the name means - "Jesus Christ", but originally it was a title (the Messiah) and not a name.

2. Shortened form of the name Christopher - "bearing Christ, Christ-bearer; Christian".

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