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Girl Names

Emily (2495)
Veronica (2073)
Elizabeth (1960)
Bazla (1668)
Anastasia (1580)
Sophia (1576)
Mary (1561)
Mia (1401)
Ann (1096)
Olivia (1029)

Boy Names

Jacob (1622)
Fannie (1479)
Alexander (1437)
Raymond (1405)
Elijah (1347)
Michael (1169)
Mason (1168)
John (1149)
Sergey (1046)
Liam (949)

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Name Uarda

Spanish form of Eduarda


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Ua, Ub, Uc, Ud, Ue, Uf, Ug, Uh, Ui, Uk, Ul, Um, Un, Up, Uq, Ur, Us, Ut, Uu, Uv, Uw, Ux, Uy, Uz

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